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Waste and Recycling

By consistently working with the industry we understand its requirements and provide you with a clear view of what the latest laws and regulations require. The process of repairing cars produces a lot of bulky recyclable waste and an array of hazardous chemical waste which must be disposed of in a safe and responsible way. Grove group prides itself on providing ethical products and services that fulfil business and environmental requirements.

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Grove group partner with SWR. SWR is the UK’s only waste management company who have a complete “one-stop” waste and recycling service for the automotive industry with extended services for bodyshops. SWR aims to be your single point of contact for all waste streams, thus you receive a single invoice rather than several from multiple suppliers and is able to provide you with accurate and consolidated reporting of your recycling performance.

The facilities and space available for waste receptacles varies greatly from one premises to another and SWR have a range of options which will enable them to put together a solution for your business that minimizes the amount of disruption to your business

Waste from car servicing workshops and bodyshops is often complicated and time consuming to manage. Most automotive businesses have around 20 different waste streams which are subject to a wide range of legislation and best practice disposal. The latter of which is becoming increasingly important to car manufacturers, insurance companies and bodyshops.

The SWR bodyshop service can provide all the following under one contract:

  • Collection of segregated recyclable material
  • Collection of the remaining non-recyclable material (General waste)
  • Collection of hazardous waste
  • Duty of care reporting
  • Recycling performance reporting
  • Expert advice on body shop waste and compliance to UK law and waste regulations

SWR also provides extended services to bodyshops

  • Spray gun cleaners
  • Supply of gun wash – both aqueous and solvent based
  • Removal of mixing room waste.