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EasyStock is a simple platform for parts departments to be able to issue and order stock. It enables your bodyshop to control and measure material usage by operative or department and effortlessly place orders with us for replenishments. Key features include:

  • Option of manual input or automated remote scanning
  • Shows order Status
  • Retrieves instant real-time stock valuation
  • Secures a restriction on unauthorised purchases
  • Reports material usage and cost by operative or department
  • Generates raw data reports and management info
  • Searches by ID or name
  • Login by bar code for quick and easy use

Bodyshop Management Solutions

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The Autoflow IT Management System

Grove group can provide an IT bodyshop solutions provider by way of Autoflow. This 4G management system, is a fully integrated bodyshop management system which helps manage and control work flow from first point of notification through the complete repair process to close of invoice. Input via PDAs or a terminal allows complete management of your business in real time from the workshop floor and is a network solution for all stages of the repair process.

  • Real time management reporting tools
  • On-line workshop data capture and vehicle tracking
  • Customer status update facility by text or email