Grove: Integrum

Grove: Integrum – Hassle free stock control

Grove: Integrum is the next generation of stock control systems. Operating from a computer and a dedicated barcode scanner, maintaining adequate stock without over-stocking has never been easier.

Grove: Integrum integrates seamlessly with the other products on the Grove: Digital Platform, meaning you can forget about many of the chores associated with staying stocked.

The system monitors your stock levels, and a simple scan is all it takes to let the system know what has been taken. When the stock of an item falls below the customisable, pre-determined level, the system will automatically order more. When we deliver your replacement stock, and you have signed for the delivery on our bespoke Grove: PoD system, the stock is added directly into your inventory.

More than a stock control system

Grove: Integrum is more than just a stock control system. Do you want to know the cost of materials spent on a job? The system will tell you. Do you want to know the stock booked to a specific employee? The system will tell you. Need to know your current stock value? The system will tell you.

New reports and functions are regularly added, often in response to customer feedback. If there is something you need, just let us know.

Know everything

Grove: Integrum integrates with the Grove: Business Suite too. You can enter specific job details and the system will generate useful info such as:

  • How much you spent with a manufacturer or specific scheme
  • Your profitability on materials
  • Your profitability on labour
  • Your cost per job
  • Individual employee efficiency
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Determine where savings can be made


We offer Grove: Integrum to our customers for free and there are no ongoing costs. If you are not a Grove customer then the cost for Integrum is £1500 per month.

You may decide that want to purchase additional hardware to make the system faster and more suited to your specific workflow.

Yes, you can order almost anything you’ve purchased from us before directly from Grove: Integrum, but there’s more… You also get exclusive access to the desktop version of the Grove: App allowing you to order from thousands of additional products.

Almost every aspect of Grove: Integrum is configurable, so you can turn as much or as little automation on as you like. From completely manual ordering and checking-in of stock to completely automated, every step is configurable.

We can provide these, or if you have a label printer you can print them yourself directly from Grove: Integrum.

Grove: Integrum‘s job handling facilities are expanding all the time to help you keep track of how much you use and spend on each job (or each employee).

We know that getting a signal exactly where you need it can sometimes be hard, so Grove: Integrum can operate without a signal, storing your stock updates and inventory on the scanner. When a signal is gained, the scanner will automatically sync all the changes meaning you can use the scanner anywhere.

Get in touch with Business Support Services and we will get you set-up and provide full training.

Or call us direct on 0845 242 4000

Yes, and you can also set Grove: Integrum to order from them on your behalf.

If you don’t have your own mixing scheme, the Grove: App is provided so you can order one-off mixes with just a couple of taps.

No, Grove: Integrum is more than happy using the perfectly good barcodes that come on the products themselves. You can optionally use custom barcodes and also the barcodes from other stock control systems to make transition simple and painless.

Grove: Integrum has been fully tested on the Unitech EA300 and EA320 range of scanners but should work on any of the Unitech EA range.

If you have an older style scanner such as the HT630, then this will also operate with Grove: Integrum, but we strongly recommend an upgrade.

The Grove: App has simple stock control features for those that require a simpler solution. This is free to download and use on any Android device or iPhone.