Grove: Business Suite

What is the Grove: Business Suite?

In conjunction with our customers, Grove has produced a suite of business analysis and reporting tools specifically designed to help bodyshop businesses. Using the Grove: Business Suite we can assess your business and help you achieve greater efficiency, better productivity, and increased profitability.

Key Performance Indicators ( KPI’s) are crucial measurements used throughout the Grove: Business Suite. They enable us to make comparative observations and benchmark how your business is doing compared to what your bodyshop should be achieving.

The four modules of the Grove: Business Suite

What we do

Grove’s Business Support Team will work with you to analyse your business to pin-point resolvable issues and devise a bespoke programme of practical actions within your budget.

Our specialist support team will periodically gather management and performance information for each of your repair centres. We will analyse this and produce a tailored monthly report. Your report will contain valuable insights into costs, volume, and value. This will help you to monitor the performance of your business and the report will also highlight where changes could be made to increase profitability.

Each month, one of our specialists will liaise with you to discuss your specific goals and strengths. They will help interpret your report and identify areas that may need attention. We understand that your time is valuable, so increasingly our customers are choosing to receive their updates and reports via video call rather than face to face.

These services are designed to run alongside our product catalogue, helping us find solutions to the problems that face our industry today.