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We are not known in this industry for being proactive in this area but exposure which outlines your services and offerings with a ‘can do’ attitude can give potential customers the confidence they need to contact you. A unique identity, adverts, signs, flyers, business cards, a website, even rebranding can all help to make you stand out and grab the imagination of potential customers. As the wife of a bodyshop owner who has been trading for 30 years, our marketing partner Jane Ward can give you a unique advantage in knowing the industry and of what works and what doesn’t.

Jane has this to say…
"Marketing is easily overlooked and is notoriously the last thing on a repairers list but those that have invested in this area have been the repairers that are still open and thriving."

Working alongside a team of experienced web designers, SEO specialists, copywriters and designers Jane can help implement a plan uniquely tailored for your business – Advertising which more than pays for itself and plans that are realistic and achievable and result in extra customers walking through your door.

Estimate Conversion

To some bodyshops estimate conversion is a way of increasing profitability, for others it can be a time consuming chore. Everyone agrees however that if bodyshops increase their number of estimate conversions they will be a lot more profitable. Our Business Development Managers can help you put an Estimate Conversion process in place with your current staff or get an experienced third party partner to chase up all estimates completely free of charge. There’s only a fee if you get the work. What have you got to lose? Contact us for more information.

Accident Management Networking

Whether you are looking to set up your own accident management for existing customers or develop contacts and the opportunity to partner with accident management companies, we have the knowledge and experience and have worked with many accident management companies over the years. Contact your local Business Development Manager to find out more about the best networks and who to partner with.