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This module focuses on your work provision and ability to generate business.

  • Are you repairing to work provider requirements and still making a profit? Are your repair processes yielding their full financial potential?

    Whilst staying within your work providers’ guidelines and legislation, there may be a variety of different repair processes which are able to fulfil your company's financial needs and WP requirements more profitably. Grove group has the expertise and knowledge to be able to identify where changes with huge benefits can be made and to make these work for you.
  • Are your present WPs the right choice for your business? Do you really know who is giving you the greatest returns?

    There are several factors related to your various providers which impact profitability. Often a WP may send a lot of jobs your way that under scrutiny, give little return. We take into consideration how you manage various SLAs, how you calculate your various estimate conversions, how WPs compensate and help you to prioritise your WPs in a way which benefits YOU the most.
  • Has one of your WPs recently severed a contract? Do you need to generate new business and attract new potential WPs?

    We tend to think of marketing as being just for a retail market, but these days it’s not the case, business to business advertising needs to be targeted and well organized to get the attention you deserve. It may mean updating or creating a unique identity which will help give the right impression. Our marketing partner Jane Ward specialises in the crash-repair industry and can help you present yourself in the right way to WPs helping you win the contracts you need. As part of generating business, we partner with a number of accident management companies and know the ones which are the most profitable for bodyshops, we can also introduce you to our estimate conversion partner who operates at surprisingly competitive rates. See our Generating Business section for more.
  • Do you have an untackled training need?

    A surprisingly large amount of money can be lost through mistakes-we all make them, but repeated product misuse or flawed workmanship can result in a waste of time, materials and jeopardise your BS10125 2014 status. Your BDM will be able to advise choices for a wide range of training support with practical process posters and boards to drive home the best practices and processes you want implemented in your workshop.
  • Could your business benefit from a Fast Track bay or SMART system?

    We can give you guidance and support on how to set this up. Through our partners, we offer a choice of adaptable business plans, training and practical help. Our partners have a proven framework which can take away some of the anxiety of setting up a SMART system or Fast Track facility, they are able to share their knowledge and expertise and give you all the support you need to make this a success.