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G. Mitchell – History

Grove group is a leading supplier of vehicle repair and refinish products.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop solution to all of our bodyshop and distribution partners, with efficient delivery of the best products at competitive prices. With a century of experience, we have developed many strong industry-relevant partnerships that enable Grove group to offer innovative products, services, and support to bodyshops and distribution partners across the country.

A Little Bit of History

G. Mitchell today is nothing like the company which started out in 1917 selling haberdashery, domestic goods, and household paint to the businesses and households of Sussex. Since those early days, the once familiar R. Mitchell delivery horse has been succeeded by a very different kind of horsepower. Following George Mitchell taking over the reins, the company was renamed to G. Mitchell, the name we know today. There had always been a member of the Mitchell family in the company, until the sad loss of the last family member David Mitchell in 2009.

Grove Group Formation

G. Mitchell acquired its sister company Grove Motor Colours, a business which itself had been trading for 41 years in the automotive refinish market. The expansion continued over the following years, with many familiar names joining the Grove family, these include; Hunters of Watford, Sprayshop Supplies, Eurocolour, Bodyshop Services, CJ Supplies and Avon Autocolour. The ever-growing Grove group now boasts a series of trading locations across England, Scotland, and Wales offering nationwide coverage.

Each addition to the Grove group has added to the wealth of experience we see in our organisation today. By evolving and understanding the needs of both our customers and suppliers, we are able to provide products and services that benefit both.

Grove History
Bodyshop Services
Bodyshop Services

Going Digital

Grove has recently embarked on a massive expansion into the digital world, including direct supply to the consumer market.

2019 saw the launch of the Grove: App, allowing trade and domestic customers to order thousands of products from the Grove catalogue on their phones and computers.

In 2020 Grove: Integrum launched. This is a fully automated stock management system that not only maintains your stock levels but automatically adds stock to your inventory when signed for on the Grove: PoD app. All you as the customer, need to do, is repair vehicles. Grove: Integrum also includes informative (and expanding) reporting capabilities and a host of other convenience and labour saving functions.