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Business Suite

Over the years, the Grove group has developed expertise and resources specifically designed to assist bodyshops in improving and managing all areas of their business.

Value Added Business Analysis Tools: The Grove Business Suite

In conjunction with our customers, Grove group has developed a suite of analysis and reporting tools designed specifically to help bodyshop businesses assess their needs for better efficiency, better productivity and increased profitability.

The suite is made up of 4 modules, each module targets a different area of your business:

Business Suite Logo The Bodyshop Health Check - Checks your financial viability and that you are able to get good returns from your bodyshop.

Business Suite Logo Bodyshop Operations Overview (BOO!) - Views the work flow of your bodyshop from Reception to Release of Car.

Business Suite Logo Repair 4 Profit - Reviews all work provision related issues. Looks at process options, handling SLAs, how to cost parts and hours profitably, streamlining efficiency, and prioritising.

Business Suite Logo Core Product Profile - Looks at your list of core products and makes sure they are a suitable and cost effective choice for your usage.

Your Business Development Manager will be able to analyse your business, pinpoint resolvable issues and with your cooperation devise a bespoke programme of practical actions within your budget.

Management and performance information for each bodyshop location can be collated centrally at the Grove group head office and reported to your business on a monthly basis and would include spend, volume and value data. These reports help you monitor your business performance and can highlight areas where changes can be made to enhance profitability.

Key Performance indicators ( KPI's) are crucial measurements used to be able to make comparative observations and benchmark how your business is doing compared to industry standards and are typically used throughout the suite.

These value-added services are designed to run alongside a full product range, providing solutions and support helping to find solutions to many of the problems that face our industry today.